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Do you want to be a part of a friendly team? Are you willing to bring small changes with a big prospective? Do you want to discover Bulgaria? If the answer is yes, do not hesitate to apply for our one-year ESC project in a lovely city of Plovdiv, rich in history and full of sunny people.

BG Be Active is a group of devoted people promoting physical activity for health and responsible attitude to environment. We work in two specific domains – promoting physical activity and sport for all and encouraging environmental consciousness in Bulgarians. Our efforts are directed at young people who we often engage for the sport festivals and social events, as we believe our future does rest on creativity, entrepreneurship and commitment of the youth. The task of motivating communities is ambitious, and for that we will need your help!

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We would like to invite 3 young people who are up to the challenge of activating communities and prompting behavioural change in Bulgaria. As our activities are quite versatile and diverse, we will need your assistance in our national campaigns – NowWeMOVE and Spot Bulgaria.

For NowWeMOVE events we encourage people to be physically active in various spaces – buildings, parks, schools, streets etc. Together with us and with the help of local volunteers you will be planning and organizing active games, dance classes, workouts and education events to make kids, youngsters and adults active. You will be taking pictures at the events and coordinating our social media in order to show people what we do. You will also be preparing and spreading our branded communication materials (badges, bracelets etc.) to spark an interest in our campaign. 

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With our Spot Bulgaria initiative, we inspire people to be socially active through clean-up events, placemaking interventions, environmental campaigns. For this project you need to be motivated to work on the field with various manual instruments and to assist different cultural events for them to be conducted in an environmentally sustainable way. As the initiative includes 6 partner cities, you will be traveling in Bulgaria to support our partners. 

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Apart from the work, you will have a lot of options for leisure activities. We are located in Plovdiv, second biggest city in the center of Bulgaria surrounded by mountains. As a former European Capital of Culture 2019, Plovdiv offers a wide range of social and cultural activities. The city is perfectly connected to Sofia and neighboring countries, and you won’t have a trouble to discover the whole region. BG Be Active also has a partner sport gym where you will be able to attend conditional trainings to keep fit.


This one-year project starts in June 2020, and we encourage everyone to apply! You do not need to have special experience or knowledge in physical activity promotion or environment – we just need your motivation and a willingness to learn. For more information please check our website http://dev.bgbeactive.org/ and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bgbeactive, but do not hesitate to contact [email protected] for specific questions


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