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Placemaking for Active Recreation Kit

The project’s overall objective is to link placemakers (grassroots urban designers) and grassroots sports organizations and professionals, and as a result to create a common solutions package that will support and improve capacities of both sectors and result in improved programs and places facilitating physical activity in the urbanised areas.

Specific objectives and linked activities:
  • Understand – Dig into previous works, tools, guides and understand what was done, what worked or what did not, and to create a knowledge base
  • Develop solutions – Create “Placemaking for Active Recreation Kit” (PARK) that can be used both by sport organisations and placemakers
  • Test – Pilot the adaptability and viability of the toolbox to different settings by using the different perspectives of sport organisation, urban development (placemaking) organisation and arrive at a resource that can be rolled out Europe-wide
  • Network and Advocate – Foster interaction between the community sport organisation, placemakers and government sectors (EU, national and local) in order to establish more inclusive and cohesive networks of community stakeholders in HEPA promotion in Europe
  • Share – through planned communication and dissemination campaign share the learnings and the PPAT to a wider European audience
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