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About the project

The Project

The project closely follows the placemaking methodology – with four distinctive stages – reach, engage, action, celebrate.

At the first stage “reach” the partner consortium will seek to scan the situation with the promotion of physical activity in urban areas, while mapping the existing tools and measuring their applicability in the current situation and identifying key challenges of active lifestyles propagation in cities.

The next stage “engage” is intended to build a collective vision of the toolbox to be tested and adapt its implementation to the local environments. The lead organisations will direct partners’ work in shaping the toolkit concept and collecting the necessary data in order to conduct best practice overview and work out the guidelines for encouraging physical activity in various urban settings.

The third and fourth stages of the placemaking methodology will refer to piloting the toolbox with the local partners mapping the urban stakeholders on the city level and will involve gathering a group of committed organisations to scale up the concept of physical activity in urban areas.

At the fourth stage we will share/disseminate the results of the toolbox pilot. Inviting policy makers and stakeholders on the European level will further the lasting effect of the project and reach participants outside of the project.


Due to its accumulated experience in placemaking and physical activity promotion, BG Be Active leads the project and liaises the experts from International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) and Placemaking Europe. These two groups of professionals have a great capacity in research and capacity building. The other partners are selected based on their experience in promoting physical activity for specific target groups and through specific methods: Power Jump, MOVE Malta, AJSPT Suceava, and DES – Sports for Education and Health. This mix will provide a test of placemaking for physical activity tools specific to a particular setting with a particular target group. The project partners consortium is foremost a practitioner-led thus the practitioners in the consortium already have years of hands-on experience in implementing worldwide physical activity promotion campaigns and are in a good position to review the effectiveness of new tools.

Who is the Project for?

“Placemaking for Active Recreation Kit” (PARK) seeks to conduct research on, establish and advocate for the “placemaking for physical activity” concept. The direct target group of the project is the local and national authority representatives, grassroots sport and placemaking experts, and local community NGOs. The ultimate target group is European citizens, which would benefit from the introduction of the PPAT concept in urban spaces. Impact is expected to be as follows for the project target groups:

Local community organisations:
  • Providing knowledge on applying placemaking concept for promoting physical activity
  • Empowering the local communities
  • Exercising a way of constructive joint work and communication

  • Giving a successful example of cross-sector collaboration for placemaking for sport and outdoor physical activity;
  • Raising awareness of the placemaking tools and methods in the direction of physical activity
  • The Erasmus+ Sport Collaborative Partnership co-funded project will be developed and delivered in two years time and we will keep you up-to-date with the development of the project and the relevant resources as it unfolds.

Project Activities

“Placemaking for Active Recreation Kit” (PARK)
The Placemaking for Active Recreation Kit is a compilation of specially selected tools from both the placemaking and active recreation fields to allow practitioners, implementers, and everyone who wishes to develop a project to have quick and easy access to the most impactful tools and methods. As part of this project, the working group has reviewed, selected, and compiled the most effective tools to create the kit. The placemaking for Active Recreation Kit brings to you the best that currently exists used by both placemakers (grassroots urban designers) and grassroots sports organizations and professionals,combining knowledge, expertise, and resources presented in the most accessible way.
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