Европейски ден на спорта в училище

Based on special Active Kids National Representative Survey among 800 Bulgarian children from 6 to 15 years of age and their parents, secondary analysis of already existing limited number survey data (Eurostat 914 Barometer survey, UNICEF Health Behavior in School-aged Children, and some others), and online search and analysis of policy documents on municipal level, and expert interviews and analyses.

The research team of BG Be Active Bulgaria and IFPI Foundation proudly present the results of
the First Bulgarian Active Kids Report Card.

Be Active Bulgaria is consistently working to motivate Bulgarian families, communities and
institutions to engage children and youth in physical activity. We hope that Bulgarian Active
Kids Report Card will provide evidences and will strongly raise the national awareness about
this issue.
The Active Kids Report Card summarizes the existing limited number and scattered survey
data on the engagement of Bulgarian children and youth with physical activities and sports
carried out under local initiatives or organized international efforts (such as Eurostat 914
Barometer survey or UNICEF Health Behavior in School-aged Children, etc.) and using
different methodology and indicators. However, facing the insufficiency, disparity and
sometimes incommensurability of the existing data, he core of Bulgarian Report Card is
based on proper survey among 800 the Bulgarian children from 6 to 15 years of age and their
parents, based entirely on the Active Kids indicators. The survey was realized in the field
during the period between 15th and 26th of September, 2016 and the collected data are
representative both nationally and at regional level (see methodology section).

See  the full results from reserch of active kids in Bulgaria here:

Active Healthy Kids 6-15 BG Report English

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