Make Bulgaria move! Volunteers introduce NowWeMove campaign and MOVEWeek

78% of Bulgarians never exercise or do sports. This is the shocking result of a survey which proves that Bulgaria is the least active country of whole Europe. Physical inactivity causes not only diseases and premature death, for example it’s also quite expensive for health insurances.

To fight physical inactivity ISCA launched the NowWeMove campaign and MOVEWeek as a flagship event. As a national coordinator of MOVEWeek in Bulgaria we are very happy that this event is gaining great popularity in Bulgaria. The total amount of participants was the biggest in Bulgaria in 2014 and in 2015 it probably will even grow again. Actually it is the biggest community sport event taking place in Europe.

To keep this unique event growing we always try to expand our network of event organizers. Therefore, last Thursday we presented our project on a seminar about healthy lifestyle. In Hotel Zdravets in the Rhodope Mountains we met a lot of young people from all over the world participating in an Erasmus+ program.

We had a lot of fun doing a sports game to refresh the participants before our presentation. After we made sure that their brains got enough oxygen we introduced our organization, the BG Be Active organization, also we introduced ISCA, the NowWeMove campaign and the MOVEWeek. We were really happy our presentation caught the interest of the audience. For us it was very appealing to find out about the situation of sport in school and the importance of sports in society in other countries of Europe. Now we hope that we gave some inspiration to the participants to become active and to support us as an event organizer, as a MOVE Agent. We thank the organizer of this workshop for the invitation.

This presentation was only the beginning of our aim to create a network of young motivated people that organize sport events to fight physical inactivity in Europe. We are always looking for great people that want to engage to make change happen. As a MOVE Agent you have the chance to be part of something bigger, a European movement! In 2014 we moved 1 million people in Europe. But still there is potential to grow!

To get in touch with us please write to

Egle: [email protected]

Philipp: [email protected]



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